Sunday, August 17, 2014

Zoo Animals Clip Art Now Available!

It's finished!  Remember, all clip art packs are 50% off for the first three days they're in the store.  Get this one for only $2.00 through Tuesday, August 19th!

Add a wild side to your projects with these 12 zoo animals, available in my TpT shop!  I tried to strike a balance between making them look realistic and a little bit cartoony.  They turned out wonderfully!  I look forward to creating expansion packs in the future.  Except for the gorilla, who was a bit camera shy, every image in this set is based on a photograph or video I took at the Los Angeles Zoo.  I thoroughly loved creating these critters; I hope you love using them!

This clip art pack contains:
-Masai Giraffe
-North American River Otter
-Greater Flamingo
-Sumatran Tiger
-Asian Elephant
-Grevy’s Zebra
-False Gharial (a relative of crocodiles and alligators)
-Western Lowland Gorilla
-African Lion
-transparent line art for each image (12 total!)

There were many other animals I wanted to draw, so keep your eyes peeled for more zoo packs in the future!

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