Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Otterly Adorable!

The zoo themed clip art is coming along, slowly but surely.  The images are a little more detailed than those in my previous sets, so it may take me two weeks to finish, rather than one.  I want to make sure each image is perfect before I release them.  I finished this North American River Otter yesterday, and I love the way his cute face turned out!

I can't get enough of otters; they are beyond adorable!  The picture is from a video I took at the LA Zoo of this cutie and his friend chasing each other from one pool to another, bouncing and rolling around like a couple of playful puppies.  My husband had to drag me away because I could easily have watched otter antics the rest of the afternoon.  Any animal that still goofs off and keeps their youthful silliness on into adulthood is automatically on my list of favorites!

My earliest memories of otters are from camping and fishing trips to various lakes in Utah.  I loved sitting in the canoe with my family, holding my kid-sized yellow fishing pole, waiting for the telltale nibble on the line and the excitement that would follow.  My favorite parts of those trips always involved the animals I saw.  I rarely saw an entire otter, but my little heart would race and I would squeal with delight when I saw one of their cute noses gliding across the surface in the shallows.  My deepest wish in those moments was to be able to get close enough to stroke their fur and even to join in their tumbling otter games.  Now I'm old enough to realize that any attempt to follow my dream would have ended in bloodshed and tears, but I still daydream about having some sort of Garden-of-Eden-like of relationship with every animal I see.  Perhaps in the next life I'll be able to participate in some giggly otter wrestling.

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