Silly Pillies Origins

I've always enjoyed drawing. I never put much stock into other people's interest in my art until my mom went to the 2014 Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) conference in Las Vegas. She attended a presentation by a woman who used her clip art shop on TpT to save her family from poverty! "Your drawings are at least as cute as hers!" my mom insisted to me over the phone that evening. Her excitement and the story of Melonheadz' origin convinced me to give it a go!

I wanted to create a unique and personal name for my clip art. I brainstormed all kinds of things: Spiffy Clips, Spiffy Pixels, Buddy Beanz.... The list was long, but nothing felt right. While brushing my teeth one morning I had a flashback to my childhood. My grandma used to bounce me on her knee and hum a little tune that I vividly remember to this day. I also loved to sit on the piano bench next to her while she played and sang. She affectionately called all her grandchildren "pillies," and we loved it. That memory was just the inspiration I needed!

So, thanks to my encouraging mom and in honor of my dear Grandma Slack, Silly Pillies was born!

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