Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shoot for the stars!

The next pack is going to be stellar!  Full of stars, a rocket, and fun star-related phrases to inspire and praise the super stars in your class.  My favorite images in the pack, so far, are the cute star picture frames.  Kids will love seeing their faces shining in the stars with titles like "Math Star!" "Reading Star!" and "Super Star!" congratulating them on a job well done.

I've always been fascinated by stars and space.  As an adult I can't get enough of science and nature documentaries, and the majority of the ones I truly love are about space and animals.  As a kid I enjoyed looking up at the stars and identifying the handful of constellations I knew.  My favorite has always been Orion.  Every time I left home, seeing that same group of stars helped keep the homesickness at bay.  The sky was the same, no matter where I went.  On long drives I was fascinated by how the stars seemed to follow us.  I would lean as far as I could against the window and stare at them as we zipped down the highway.  I wished on them, too.  I had such a happy childhood, and I wanted every kid to be as happy as I was!

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