Terms of Use

By purchasing clip art from Silly Pillies Illustrations you agree to abide by the following terms of use:

  • If Silly Pillies images are used in a project that is to be sold, distributed, or shared, you must credit Silly Pillies in your document either with text or one of the Silly Pillies credit buttons included with your download.  You must also include a link to the Silly Pillies store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Silly-Pillies.
  • Files and documents containing Silly Pillies images may only be sold, distributed, or shared if they are in a secure format, such as PDF, to ensure the images cannot be easily copied, extracted, downloaded or shared.  Please contact me if you would like to use images in a PowerPoint or SMART board presentation.
  • Silly Pillies images may not be resold or redistributed as clipart, image collections, or parts of image collections.  They may not be used to create new graphics or clip art for sale or distribution.
  • The images may be used on websites and blogs, but you must include a clickable link to the Silly Pillies store on every page containing the images.  You may use one of the Silly Pillies credit buttons for this purpose.
  • No alterations may be made to images used in files or documents intended for sale, distribution, or sharing.
  • Silly Pillies images are meant for personal and small commercial use.  If you intend to sell more than 1000 copies of a product containing Silly Pillies images, please contact me about large production licenses (teacher-sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers are exempt).
  • This license is not transferable.  Images may not be used in a product that is meant for re-sale by your purchaser.
  • When you purchase Silly Pillies images you are not purchasing the copyright and may not claim them as your own.  Copyright is retained by Lauri Schlierman, creator of Silly Pillies Illustrations.
  • These terms are subject to change without notice. 


Please feel free to contact me with questions or requests for custom clip art using the form in the sidebar!
(I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.)

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