Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Game Night!

My mom was working on one of her TpT products the other day and she asked me to make her a simple game piece. (Check out her store for some awesome spanish teaching resources!)  She then suggested I create a clip art game pack full of dice and other common game pieces.

I love games!  Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve playing games with my family.  My mom, sister and I enjoyed games like Apples to Apples and Blokus.  Every visit to my Grandma's house still involves a good two hours playing her latest new game.  Mexican train and Ticket to Ride have been some of my favorites.  She's got quite the competitive spirit, and is so wonderful to be around.  I didn't inherit that competitive side, but I definitely got her love for spending time having fun with family.

I've moved this set to the top of my list, so feel free to put piece suggestions in the comments and keep your eyes peeled for a set packed full of gaming fun!

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